Sunday, December 20, 2009

The End of the Weekend

Coralie has a great time Saturday, having her friends over and decorating her (early) birthday cake. Despite my anxiety after the cake stuck to the pan, it came together ok. Frosting covers a wealth of cake-aesthetic sins. Especially when topped with an equal amount of candy. Afterward, we went to Applebee's for dinner (that's what she wanted). Keelan was crashing so hard after all the excitement of having new kids over (and me trying to keep him out of their hair) he was practically asleep at the table.

Coralie has had a hard few days... there is a homeopathic medicine that the naturopath gave her in the office about two months ago (the name escapes me now), which has worked wonders in sort of evening her out. She warned me that I'd really know it when it was time for another dose, and holy cow, she wasn't kidding. Major regression now. So I need to call the doc in the morning.

I've been battling a severe sore throat for a couple of days now... sore throats and headaches are the two pains that I am a real sissy about.

Made some face lotion today. Won't get to try it out until tomorrow. Will also have to apologize to spouse, who will probably be cleaning the blender tonight and wondering what on earth I was thinking.

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