Friday, November 6, 2009


Feeling a bit guilty, since the preschool was (somewhat) unexpectedly minus a parent helper today, and I had some other things to do so I didn't stay...

Also feeling a little annoyed that I have to listen to The Husband SNORE while I am here on the computer... I was temped to go yank on his foot and say 'GET OUT OF BED, YOU BUM', but decided that would probably be mean. :-)

Coralie still hasn't gone to the bathroom, this is day #4. She had about 10 oz of a blueberry smoothie with yogurt and flax meal yesterday, and pineapple with her breakfast this morning. Gave her 6 Pedialax tabs last night (the maximum dose) but still no go. I am not liking where this is going... (or not going, depending on how you look at it) :-(

Got my tuna today, yay! 12 cans of regular, 5 cans of smoked, all LOCAL. Yum-o.

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