Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pantry Space

I've been working on better 'overflow' pantry space for awhile now... the lady who cleans my house has been helping me with some organizing projects had suggested some time ago that I start offloading my pantry extra's to another location. I have room in my kitchen pantry, but it gets so crowded that it becomes less functional for daily use. So I cleared off some space on a bookshelf in the garage, but soon it was full. This really became a problem after I started canning. So, more shelf space was the solution, but this involves the unpleasant task of cleaning out the garage. That chore has not been completed yet, but today we at least cleared a spot for the new shelf unit:
Placed at a right angle to the old shelf unit:
It needs some organization, but it will do. Now I can stop storing canned goods on the kitchen table. :-)

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