Saturday, October 31, 2009


So, the story goes, you can make yogurt out of raw nuts. So, there is cashew yogurt in the yogurt maker. We shall see if this pans out. If not, it will be my fifth and final attempt at making my own non-cow's milk yogurt, after which I officially give up. Besides, that So Delicious coconut milk yogurt is awfully good and Keelan loves it... he doesn't know that it's coconut, I think he would have been suspicious of it (he won't eat shredded coconut), but he can't read yet so I'm just going to let it be. :-D

I am enjoying reading and trying recipes from this blog- For the Love of Cooking
I made the granola, and it is *wonderful*. Well, Keelan and I like it, Coralie said it was gross. :-) Not enough sugar, probably...

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Anonymous said...

I'm really interested in how this batch of yogurt turns out.

There's a website that offers different cultures: