Thursday, September 3, 2009

Slightly Less Stress...

Coralie had a much better day today, better than we've had in a while.
I had a mental health appointment today, so that combined with a good cry from last night made me feel much better today.

My son proudly announced to me, when I came back from the gym, that he had dressed himself today. Which explained why he was wearing half of a pajama set. Still, it was a nice change, since he is capable of doing it but usually doesn't want to. He then proceeded to put a Cinderella dress-up dress on top of that and wear that combo for most of the day.

I made a batch of tomato sauce for the freezer, a raspberry sour cream pie (kids were underwhelmed, but it's ok, more for me) and a batch of muffins.

Hubby and I watched 'Alien vs. Predator 2' last night... or I should say, we tried to watch it. Apparently the people who made the movie were so nervous about it that they just made it impossibly dark. So, if people can't see the movie, they can't complain about it, right?
Still, Predators rule, Aliens drool. And boy do they ever...

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