Friday, August 14, 2009


What an awful week it's been for Coralie and me... we are just not getting along at all. My father-in-law wondered if it's just an aftershock of the whole getting lost incident, and she's just not feeling safe right now. All I can get out of her right now is that she doesn't like me. I have heard that before, but it's unusual for things to be this bad for a whole week. I wish I knew what to do about it... I'm not due back at the family therapist's office for a few weeks yet, so I just may call him if this continues.

The kids will be spending the night tomorrow with my in-laws. For some reason Keelan hasn't wanted to be left with them the past few times we've tried, so I hope he will want to stay with them tomorrow.

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growingcurious said...

I empathize and hope your situation gets easier soon. Tonight E told me she didn't want a kiss and a hug from me at bedtime (after I read her a story). We've already dealt with this stuff in therapy so I'm just riding it out, trying not to attach too much to it all. But it's heartbreaking.