Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where Did The Day Go??

Daughter woke me up at precisely 8 am.
Husband is gone, picking up the Zipcar.
Roll out of bed.
Make bed.
Feed cat who, due to overactive thyroid, believes she is starving.
Wait for son to decide between All Bran and Kashi Nuggets. (He chose both)
Daughter decides she only wants to eat strawberries for breakfast.
Go outside in pj's to look at garden.
Bail some water out of the kiddie pool to water the plants.
Feel sad for dying green beans.
Husband comes back with the Zipcar.
Kids are excited about the Zipcar and want to go for a ride.
Tell daughter approximately 15 times that if she wants to go anywhere, she has to get dressed first.
Son dresses himself. Pants on right, shirt on backwards.
Help son with shirt.
Husband takes kids out to run an errand. (Drop something off at work. Exciting!)
Lay down for a minute.
Decide that if I'm going to make my mom's group meeting, I'd better get up.
Finally take a shower and dress.
Take daily armload of vitamins and supplements.
Feed cat again.
Note that husband is taking a long time.
Sent text stating that I am going to leave for my meeting without kids since he's not back.
Husband calls to say he's on his way.
Husband arrives home exactly 5 minutes before I'm supposed to be at meeting.
Usher kids into car.
Drive to 'Me Too' for mom's group meeting.
Feel glad that kids will be occupied by someone else for the next two hours.
Try to focus on topic, but find myself spacing out.
Daughter comes out of playroom periodically to whine about me not buying her lunch.
Assure her that daddy will buy her some junk food later.
Call husband to come get kids.
Leave meeting.
Husband takes kids to car show at THPRD park.
Go to farm, buy flat of blueberries for me, half flat of raspberries for friend.
Go to nursery, buy tomato cages, wood trellis, and net trellis.
At home, set up cages and wood trellis. Too hot to mess with net.
Leave for friends house to drop off berries.
Think friends address is in GPS.
Choose wrong address, end up on opposite side of town.
Text friend for help, get no response.
Choose different wrong address, still on wrong side of town.
Give up, drive home.
Husband arrives home with sweaty, red faced kids.
Decide to make awful dinner choice, send husband to Taco Bell.
Husband decides to take kids to see a movie.
Go outside, hang net trellis, water garden, use hose to knock some bugs off of dying green beans.
Think about planting peas in the green beans spot.
Notice dirty kitchen, but have no energy left to clean it.
Take a really long time to type this post because I can't concentrate.
And now, I will go and watch 'Torchwood'.

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