Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I saw the Naturopath today. The primary reason I went was to try to get some help with my 'woman problems', but that coupled with all these other symptoms I have- dry skin, depression, fatigue... all are classic symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. I knew this, but when I asked my internist to test my thyroid function, he said the test results were normal. Now, to have someone say, 'You have a thyroid problem' and that it's possible to have a thyroid problem even with test results in the normal range... wow, it's such a relief! The downside is that now I have 4 additional pills to take, in addition to the 7 other things I already take. Maybe, though, someday I can get off these damn antidepressants...
I am so excited about the possibility of really getting better, and feeling better without the fake energy of pharmaceuticals. And maybe fixing Aunt Flo.
Although, the thyroid support and uterine support supplements she has me on now are made from cow parts. Yum-o.

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Anonymous said...

I used to freak out about the "glandulars" I'd been given by naturopaths, but I don't give them much thought any more because I believe they work really well for deficiencies and imbalances. I'm glad you felt supported and can see a path toward feeling better. It's a big deal to have that support and attention.