Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unwelcome Return

I had an asthma attack yesterday. Something I have not had in many years. I didn't even have any inhalers anymore, so my Dr. sent me to urgent care because he couldn't get me into his schedule. It was really a waste, because all that happened was- I waited a long time, I saw the Dr, she told me something I already knew, and gave me a prescription. Then the pharmacy took their time filling it, as I waited (wheezing all the while). The real downside here is that my current prescription coverage sucks ass (yes, I am still thankful that I have it) and the Advair is $100. Meaning, my insurance is paying for less than half and there's no generic. Bums.

So, we are leaving for Disneyland on Sunday. I do not expect to return sane and relaxed.

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