Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hear That??

That is the sound of money exiting my wallet. I ordered two more memory modules for my computer, to the tune of $200. >:-( That was the best price I could get for the kind that I need. Oddly, it costs more to get RAM for an older computer than a newer one. I'm pretty sure that it's because they want me to buy a new computer instead of fixing my old one. Grrr...
My hope is that with the added RAM, it will not take 30 seconds to open a program, yay.

We've been having some pretty significant wind (for around here, anyway). We have new windows on our house, and they have a high profile and stick out a little from the house. The result is that when the wind blows, they whistle. Nice! At least nothing fell down... my in-laws had a very large section of a neighbors tree fall across the street and into their driveway, taking the power line and phone line with it. Fortunately for us, our lines are underground, so at least we're not at risk for a tree falling on them.

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tara @ kidz said...

Oye. We just got another external hard drive. I just have too many pictures and too much music, but I'm not willing to get rid of any of it, so... ch-ching!