Friday, January 2, 2009

Bronx Cheer for PGE

Our power went out last night, somewhere around 11 pm. I called the power company, and the recording informed me that they knew about the outage, and 'The cause of the outage is unknown. We expect to have power restored by 1 am.' Okay, now, how do they know if the power will be on by 1 am if they don't know why it's out?? Anyhow, we waited up for awhile to see what would happen, but it was clear that no one from PGE was on fire to get there, so we went to bed. After being in bed for about 10 minutes, Coralie woke up to a pitch dark bedroom and started panicking. Her noise in turn woke up her brother. So, my husband got to sleep in Coralie's bed while the kids slept with me. I should also note that the kids were the only two that actually slept. Sometime much later in the night, after I finally dozed off, PGE pulled up right in front of my house, and fired up their 10,000 watt lights and generator. So of course I had to get up to see what the hell the racket was all about, and observe high-wattage lighting illuminating my living room. I also note that PGE workers cannot communicate without hollering, regardless of the time or surrounding noise level. I squeezed back in between the kids in bed and doze off again. Next I'm awakened by beeping. Honestly, I tried to ignore it... but I couldn't. I was unconciously focusing on it. So, up again I go, stumbling around the house trying to figure out what could possibly be beeping when the power was out. I finally figured out that it was the battery backup on the phone line. Fortunately, it has a 'silence alarm' button, otherwise I might've gone stark raving mad. I went back to bed again. Then I hear the PGE truck fire up and roll away... shortly thereafter, the power came back on for about three seconds, then a very loud BANG from outside our house, like an explosion. Power went out again. Huh, whatever they did clearly didn't work. Obviously, 1 am came and went, and the power was not restored until 10 am this morning. (just a slight discrepancy on the time there, you think??)

All of this is right ahead of a 5% rate increase.



tara @ kidz said...

Isn't that just how it goes?!?! It is annoying how much we depend on things? Our plumbing had issues for two days and I felt like we lived in the ice ages in Sarajevo somewhere!

david mcmahon said...

Thank goodness for the silence alarm button.

As they say in the classics - more ``power'' to you.