Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, things are thawing just a bit... it's still not above freezing, but I noticed that the snow on top of our back fence is melting where it's in the direct sun.

I haven't been out further than the mailbox since Saturday, so I accompanied my hubby and kids on a stroll to the store for some batteries (whee). He pulled the kids on the sled. The residential roads are covered with a thick sheet of ice... but the main roads where there is a lot of traffic are ok. I asked The Husband, who has some snow driving skills, about going anywhere in the car today and he said 'no way'. He says I wouldn't even be able to get off of our street in that car. Unfortunately, you can't put chains on my car. :-( At any rate, it was so nice to get out for a bit, even if it was just for a reallly slooow walk to the store.

We're supposed to have some more snow coming, and some freezing rain too. :-( Probably no white Christmas though...

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