Friday, December 19, 2008

Mild Panic Averted

Last month I ordered some children's books for Christmas gifts, via a program we have through the preschool. Well, the books came, and then SNOW and A WEEK OF NO SCHOOL. I was getting nervous about what to do if I couldn't get them before Christmas... but fortunately I got an email stating where the books were at the school, and the church is usually open so if I can get over there I can pick them up. Or I can make my husband do it. :-)

Today was the first day that I have gone anywhere in the car since last Saturday.(!) The weather was clear enough for us to drive across town to drop off our donations for our adopt-a-family. Ahh, it was so good to get out. Although, my daughter chose today to come completely unhinged over something *really* piddly (her brother was wearing her gloves. The ones she *chose* not to wear today) and then scream in time out for about an hour. Not fun. It also made it really hard to work on my word puzzle. ;-)

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