Monday, December 15, 2008


Ok, now it is waaay too cold. According to the Mighty Weather Widget, it is 25 degrees. :-( Now, I know that in other places much colder temps are the norm, but not here! Last night it was so cold that even with the wood stove going, the furnace still came on. This morning my father-in-law drove his big old truck over so he could bring the kids a sled. It is the sled that my husband and his bro used when they were kids. Coralie went out and played on it, but Keelan had to come in because it was just too cold for him. Plus, it's icy out and he fell down and was upset about that.
We tried to build a snowman yesterday, but the snow was too dry and wouldn't stick together to make a ball.

As Christmas draws near, I am feeling more and more like a scrooge... I want my kids to have an enjoyable Christmas, but I get so disgusted with all the marketing. 'Buy more stuff!' The world is so far off the right path...

From the Only a Kid Could Get Away With That dept:

Me: 'Keelan, why do you have your hand in your pants?'
Keelan: 'I'm just scratching my butt, mom. It's too itchy!'

This is what I found when I went to check the progress of the bath I was running for my son... I should add that no one put him in there, he got in on his own. I'm telling you, the cat is weird...

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