Saturday, November 22, 2008


Get up at 7:30 am, feed son.
Climb back in bed, get climbed on and kicked by son.
Daughter sleeps suspiciously late. Climbs in bed with parents, complaining of headache.
Daughter spontaneously vomits. Clean up puke.
Notify friend that we will not be attending birthday party.
Feed daughter some cereal and meds for headache.
Husband decides to work out, despite puking child. Husband leaves.
Attempt shower. As soon as water hits body, daughter pukes again. Shower aborted.
Clean up more puke.
Fire up wood stove at daughter's request.
Park son in front of Noggin.
Daughter dozes off sitting up on couch with strategically placed towel.
Enjoy brief moment of quiet.
Daughter vomits again. Clean up puke.
Husband comes home with loaf of bread and Gatorade.
Attempt and successfully complete shower.
Husband leaves for work.
Consume a pot of coffee.
Man wood stove.
Park both kids in front of Noggin.
Silently curse impossibility of newspaper crossword.
Rub eye with lotion still on hand. Play 'Candyland' with kids, with one eye.
Trip over shoes left at foot of stairs.
Load dishwasher.
Start laundry.
Inform son that it is not okay to 'clean' the cat.
Wonder what the hell to make for dinner.

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tara @ kidz said...

Found you through spinabifidamoms' site. I loved this post. It was so funny and relatable!