Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just Another Day...

TP in the shower
TP in the sink
3 year old head-butts 5 year old in the face- bloody nose ensues
Kitten attacks owner's head... while owner is upright in a chair
3 year old draws on own torso with non-washable green marker
5 year old decides to wear a fleece pj top, satin pj pants, with pj shorts on top, to bed
5 year old decides she needs to clean the old ashes out of the wood stove, 'for Santa'- mess ensues
3 year old can't make it to the toilet in time, decides to pee on bathroom floor instead
3 and 5 year old decide to dump ash bucket into water on patio, to make 'mud'

Worst of all...
Property tax payment is due tomorrow

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