Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bah Humbug

What a crappy day. Nothing catastrophic happened, but I have been irritable all day. I know that I was not very fair to Coralie today. I will have to make a better effort tomorrow.
Keelan has been sick. Today he got up from his nap covered in hives! The Dr.'s office said that sometimes when kids have a viral infection they manifest hives as well. She said they could come and go for *weeks*. Great! All the joy of being two, and itchy too! Of course it just wouldn't be complete without me discovering way too late in the game that we didn't have any Benadryl. True to what the nurse said, they were oddly transient. One minute they were there, then they were gone. Then he'd get them somewhere else. Too weird! Poor little dude.
I recently joined SparkPeople. I really like it. Plus, it's *free*. I say yay for free. I needed to start food journaling again, and I also like their community features. I was able to join a group that is in my area. It is interesting to me that SparkPeople is more user friendly, and free, and eDiets was not (I hated their Nutrition Tracker). And not free.
I am so tired today... I am fairly sure that I will be turning in early. I'm going to work on The Terror, since I haven't been reading much lately. It's taking me a long time to get through that book... a lot of historical terminology that I am not familiar with. Requires some focus.

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