Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good News and Not So Good News

We bought a new (used) car. A 1999 Chevy Tracker (remember those? Use to be Geo). It's got 4 little hamsters under the hood and is so full of cheap plastic that it squeaks in various locations when you turn a corner. Still, it's in good shape, gets good mileage, and most importantly, it was in the budget. We really wanted that Audi A4 wagon (zippy!) but *sigh* it was not in the budget.

More Good News: we went and had our taxes done today, and we'll be getting a giant refund. Which we will then have to spend on fixing our lumpy kitchen floor.

Some Not So Good News: I went to the ENT this week, after my doctor told me he thought I had Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Unfortunately, the ENT is not convinced, and thinks that I might have early Meniere's. Which will be kind of shitty, if that turns out to be the case. I'm going in next month for a balance test. The Dr. did a partial Epley maneuver for the right side, to see if it would help, but it didn't. In fact, I felt terrible the next day. He also couldn't trigger an episode in the office (of course). What really sucks is that I can't have caffeine for 2 days prior to my balance test. :-( I'm going to feel shitty indeed.


Anonymous said...

No matter what they tell you, immediately drop as much sodium as you can from your diet, so that you're getting no more than 1000 mg a day (and even then, not 1000 all at once--you have to trickle them through the day). I have Meniere's, and it's not easy, but if I still ate like I used to (pass the cheese and chips and hand me a pickle!) I'd be completely disabled. It's the one main thing that has helped me, and it's standard advice that can't hurt you. There are some Physical Therapy rehab exercises that can help (if they do't make you feel too nauseated!). Good luck--I wish you all the very best. Toss that salt shaker and through out all those cans of soup.

haggardmom said...

Thank you... I did read about using a low sodium diet as treatment for Meniere's. Fortunately, I don't use a lot of salt anyway, but the difficult thing would/will be having to keep track of the salt that's *in* things. There are some things, like canned tomatoes/sauce, that I *hate* the unsalted version of. Not sure what I'd do about that yet LOL.