Sunday, October 22, 2006

Too Short a Weekend

The weekend is coming to an end... *sigh* I always feel like I need an extra day.

We drove to Hagg Lake. It was a nice drive, with all the fall color changes and todays lovely weather. The water level of the lake was really low, and the shore was really soft and muddy.

I spent yesterday with my parents... yesterday, dad just wasn't doing very well. He says he doesn't have a lot of pain, but he was so exhausted. He's been sleeping all day... mom said last night was really bad. He had a migraine. However, she sent me an email this afternoon and said that a friend came to visit, he hadn't taken any meds at all and seemed much better. It was awful seeing him in that condition yesterday. He was so sad, and so tired, he spent most of my visit on the couch either asleep or just kind of spacing out. I was glad to hear that he was better today, and he goes in to the doctors office tomorrow for a follow up. Hopefully we'll get some news on the pathology then, and maybe some answers regarding how he's been feeling post-op.

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