Sunday, September 17, 2006

Curse You, Starbucks!!

Starbucks is set to absorb my favorite coffee establishment. Evidently, the deal hasn't been approved yet, but because the parent company is out of state (as are the shareholders, I'm sure) I doubt anyone will have any hangups about it. Evidently Diedrich is hanging onto the Coffee People name for online sales, but they're letting go of all the retail stores. Which of course, are *not* going to be operated as Coffee People stores. Chumps. :-/

Coralie is over her cold, Keelan is not. Unfortunately for him, he's also cutting two eyeteeth. I'm telling you, those teeth are racing for the finish line. Three days ago, they were completely under the surface of his gums... today, they are halfway in. He's been absolutely miserable (along with the rest of us, since he hasn't been sleeping).

I can't believe the weekend is at an end already... such an unproductive and not entirely pleasant weekend, and I ate terribly. Ah well, better luck tomorrow, hehe...

1 comment:

Radmila said...

welcome to the world of burnt tasting coffee, and pretentious servers called "Barristas".

I can't stand starbucks. I don't understand what the hype is about, other than people buying into the bull that a 3 buck coffee tastes better than a buck one does.

People are lemmings