Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I had to go to a meeting today at Coralie's preschool... they had descriptions of all the various parent jobs and went over all of the poignant things in the parent handbook. They held the meeting upstairs in the church where the school is housed, in a room with NO AC. I was having a hard time paying attention to some of the stuff, but that was probably due in part to the heat.

Sadly, two people have moved off of our street. :-( One was a single middle-aged guy, and the other a family with two kids of similar ages to mine. While I didn't know these people, there is still some comfort in knowing all the people on your street have been there a long time. You get used to their comings and goings, I guess... The middle-aged guy is totally gone now and his house is up for sale, right across the street from us. That means extra traffic (we live on a cul-de-sac)... and there have already been several people out to look at the house. It's a desirable area, most houses around here don't stay for sale for long.

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