Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Let's just get this out of the way:

Okay, now that's done with.
A two pound loss on the scale Monday. Yay! Eating at PF Changs on Sunday didn't totally screw me up LOL.

We got Coralie's potty chair back out, and she's been excited about using it all over again. So, much to my relief, only one poo accident today (at the park). She has been adamant about dumping the pot and rinsing it out herself. Whatever keeps her on track (and on the can LOL) works for me. Sometimes, she is like a small teenager. 'I'll do it MYself!' 'I AM going upstairs!' 'YOU stop it right now!'

I noticed today that Keelan is cutting THREE molars. That would explain why this miserable teething business has been going on for what seems like *weeks*. When he's in between Motrin doses he's miserable and just impossible to please. I was going to call the doctor, thinking that maybe something else was wrong with him. Then I saw today that he has two on the bottom and one on the top. Probably hurts like hell. He's been chewing EVERYTHING. He bit my finger the other day while I was trying to put teething tabs in his mouth.

Keelan Obsession of the Week: unplugging the fish tank. Hilariously good fun at Ned's (the fish) expense. Still planning on installing an outlet cover that will prevent him from doing this.

Coralie Funnies: hubby bought her a 'Tow Mater' toy truck. She calls him 'Darth Vader'. Yesterday I said 'It's 'Tow Mater'', and she said 'Tow Mater Darth Vader?'
Today she followed me into the backyard with no pants on. I was looking at something in the pond when I noticed she was doing a little back & forth dance. I said, 'Do you have to go pee?' and she said, 'No, I'm just doing a pee dance'. LOL


Dorkydad said...

We've decided to temporarily stop encouraging/pushing the potty training. According to "experts", apparently she'll let us know when she's interested. But my how she likes to run around the house naked!

C.R.M. said...

2 things in common. I hate my period and love PF Changs as well.