Tuesday, June 6, 2006


I recently mentioned to dorky dad that I was not yet having a problem with Coralie getting out of bed in the night to go to the bathroom... well, it's 9:30 pm and she's already been up twice! D'oh!

I had tempeh for dinner... it was not bad, actually, although it was in BBQ sauce so I didn't taste it that much. Keelan is more of a trooper when it comes to food than Coralie, so he ate all of his and she ate only one bite of hers (as is the norm for her at dinnertime). I'd probably make that dish again.

Coralie is scheduled to (finally) have her Hepatitis shot next Monday... I have to do it now, because I've got to get her immunization form filled out for school, so I figured we'd go get the shot and have the nurse fill out the form while we're there. Fun will be had by all. :-/


carmen said...

Call me stupid but what is tempeh? I never heard of it.

haggardmom said...

It's a relative of tofu: