Monday, May 8, 2006

Happy Buns Here We Come!

Coralie's journey to happier pooping has begun. I'm holding the bottle just for size reference to show how hilariously huge this bottle is, plus we get 3 refills! So far, it has been an exasperating trip for us to get her to take the stuff. It's just a powder that we can put in any beverage, but she *has* to drink the whole glass (we're splitting the dose, so she gets a 4 oz glass of juice/milk w/half the med dose twice a day). Even though it doesn't change the taste (I checked) she still knows there is medicine in it and takes foooreverrrrr to drink it all...

Yesterday after her bath I was trying to explain that her belly pokes out because there's poo in there that needs to come out. Later, she said 'My belly is poking 'cause there's poop in it!' LOL

I've been noticing that when Keelan pulls himself up he often either curls his toes under and stands on them, or one of his feet rolls in and he stands on the side, and it takes him a long time to notice and correct it... I hope it doesn't mean anything... it doesn't seem to bother him. Of course, knowing what I know and being his mom means I'm obligated to be neurotic about it.

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