Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Good Times

We will be visiting the pediatrician tomorrow to discuss Coralie's little poo problem... I feel that we are now entering territory that requires a doctors help. Nothing else we've tried has worked... we now have what appears to be a lifetime supply of liquid Colace, but we have had no success getting it into her because the instructions specifically state to give it in 6-8 oz of liquid to avoid throat irritation (it's basically soap). My daughter never drinks 6-8 oz of anything at one sitting. I told Coralie we had to go to the doctor tomorrow to talk about poop. Her response was 'yeah, poop needs to go to the doctor.' Later, I heard her say (while playing with the tube of rash ointment) 'Rash needs to go to the doctor to see what poop is doing in my butt.' Hee hee...

I have been getting a little more sleep the past few nights, since Keelan has cut out one of his night feedings and is now down to one. Oddly, I have been feeling more fatigued in the afternoons. We think he must have had a growth spurt, because he's been eating like he has two stomachs. At dinner tonight, he must have eaten about 5 (ping pong ball sized) meatballs, some macaroni, a handful of cheerios, and about 1/3 of a pear. I stopped him there, but he wasn't acting full. Based on the size of his bulging tummy I figured he was full enough.

I had a good workout today... I need to get some heavier hand weights for home. My 5 lb weights aren't heavy enough for most of the exercises I do at home. (Which, to me, is good news LOL)

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