Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just When You Think Things Are Going Well

I just spent the past hour listening to a world class meltdown, courtesy of my daughter, started by one of the most innoccuous things ever... the fact that when I tucked her in, I only kissed *one* hand when she wanted both. That evolved into crying because she had to pee, after she peed then she said she had to poop, but couldn't produce so I sent her back to bed. Oh.My.God. That triggered a full-on shrieking laying on the floor beating on the bedroom door tantrum. I put her back in bed a couple of times when she came out of the room, and then I held her bedroom door shut so she couldn't come out. I was simultaneously laughing and crying! I was laughing because it was so weird (like the other day when she had a tantrum in the car because she wanted to go back and sit on a public toilet at the park, after she's already been on it twice with no results) but I cried a little because I don't like to see her that upset. She just passed out a few minutes ago, so in awhile I'm going to have to go see if she's on the floor or in bed.

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carmen said...

Oh the joys of motherood. Never a dull moment.