Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bad Mom Bad Mom

Some days I feel like the worst mom... since my daughter turned 3, she has made amazing leaps and bounds developmentally. She's such a little person now! Unfortunately, she is often also an insufferable brat. I am sure that a lot of it is our fault, she was our first and she was (is) spoiled. However, I think some of it is just normal for her age, but I wish I knew how to differentiate between the two. I find myself getting frustrated with her often, and not knowing what an appropriate reaction/consequence is. She is a very willful child (and the backtalk! Gah!), which I hope will serve her well when she gets older, but right now it gives me a headache and sometimes a heavy heart.
The good news is, I have learned a lot from her over these past 3 years, and I hope not to make the same mistakes with my son.

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