Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Man Make Woman Crazy

Today was one of those days where One Big Error made all the little Errors twice as annoying. One Big Error was that hubby installed Keelan's car seat incorrectly, and we've been using that way for weeks. I mean, it was REALLY wrong. The belt was threaded through the wrong slot on the base, and it was so loose I could move the seat back and forth about 3 inches. Since I discovered this while I was at the park with the kids, I had to try to fix it with him either in the seat or sitting on the floor of the van while I held onto his shirt with one hand so he didn't fall out the open van door. This gave me time to stew about some other things... like how suddenly he has absolved himself of putting dishes away (probably because he's afraid of putting them in the wrong place now), or now that I have a designated location for dirty kitchen towels he still leaves them in various other locations in the kitchen, and after nagging him to fold the laundry he washed, he folded it and then put the basked of folded clothes back in the hall by the laundry room instead of taking it upstairs to be put away. All little things, really, but twice as annoying after the Car Seat Incident. I will have to try to mention the car seat thing when he gets home (without ripping him a new one, hopefully) but I can't decide if I should tell him before or after I tell him there's hardly any money left in our bank account... *sigh*

And, from the They're at it Again Department-

My in-laws watched the kids while hubby and I went out for dinner for my birthday. They took them out to a chinese restaurant with them, and while out they fed Keelan:
A fortune cookie, part of an ice cream cone, and a jar of chicken & pasta baby food. All of these are things I have NOT fed him before, and they were all given to him at night, so we would have reaped the results if they had made him sick. Today, he is constipated as hell. THANKS!!


bella said...

They gave him what? Oy, I don't think you'll be happy to have them baby sit any time soon. Did you have that organizer help you re-do things in your kitchen?
Happy belated birthday! How was your dinner?

haggardmom said...

Thanks! Dinner was excellent... we went to a restaraunt that is mostly known for it's HUGE dessert menu. I had a ham & gruyere sandwich grilled in a TON of butter. mmmm... (you know you're in a fancy place when they serve field greens with a ham sandwich LOL) The kitchen is almost done. We should finish up next week, then it's on to the master bedroom where the real horror lies. :-)