Thursday, January 19, 2006

Looong Day

Keelan had a fever of 102 this morning. Poor little dude, he was one hot potato! I called the pediatrician to let them know. The doc said she wanted to know if he was having temps higher than a low grade fever, because high fever can sometimes contraindicate vaccinations. I also asked about the x-rays... unfortunately the Dr. was out so they're going to call me back tomorrow.
Coralie is showing signs of a cold... she was complaining that she was tired and actually got in bed with me & took a nap, something she NEVER does. Her nose is stuffy too.
Hubby is having his ingrown toenail yanked out tomorrow, for the 4th time. I don't know why the surgeon doesn't just take the whole nail out and destroy the nail bed so it doesn't come back... he just keeps cutting the side off. Oh well, I'm not the doctor. :-) Hubby isn't that bothered by getting a shot in the toe. (I, on the other hand, get the serious willies even thinking about a shot in the toe)

I did get my hair cut and colored today. I decided to go red this time, instead of blonde like I usually do. Saved myself some $ too, because the foil costs more. Today I spent $70 instead of $100. My hairstylist was commenting today that he can't believe his son is 12 now, and I realized that I started getting my hair done there when his son was 4. That's why, despite the now inconvenient location with horrible parking (it's in a little strip of shops right in the middle of a neighborhood, so there are NO parking lots, only parallel parking. Gah!), I CAN'T let someone else cut my hair. It would just be wrong.

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